Why choose Sanodegusto tableware?

  • The only tableware brand with integrated Tempcontrol® technology
  • Our tableware stays warm longer than any existing tableware
  • Our tableware stays cold longer than any existing tableware
  • Preservation of all flavours, thanks to the controlled temperature
  • Diverse range of products 
  • No need to rush while plating, serving or eating

Watch our movie for
warm tableware: 55°C/131°F

Watch our movie for
cold tableware: 4°C/39°F

What is Tempcontrol® technology?

Tempcontrol® is a revolutionary, unique and patented technology that keeps tableware warm or cold for more than 30 minutes. This is much longer than any existing tableware. After heating up or cooling down, the technology will slowly release its warmth or cold.

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Our 4 ranges

PRO - Professional tableware

You are or cook like a professional.

Create the ultimate food experience for your guests on the Sanodegusto dinner plates. Take your time to plate, serve everyone at your leisure and let them enjoy the perfect meal at a constant temperature. 

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Modulo – serving plate with bamboo tray

Create the ultimate creative food presentation for your guests and enjoy every dish at the right temperature. Modulo is perfectly suitable to present a colourful cheese platter or to keep your freshly rolled sushi super cold. Also perfect to prevent your desserts, like a beautifully presented ice cake, from melting.  

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SOLO - Individual products

Be yourself

Complementary products to the Sanodegusto Pro and Sanodegusto Moments ranges for creating an overall experience.

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ACCESSORIES - Cookware and kitchenware without technology

Innovative accessories, unique in their functionality, design and ease of use.

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Masterclass - Famous Chefs talking

"It ensures your dishes will still be at the perfect temperature!"

Wout Bru,
Brasserie Bru (Schilde, Belgium)

I tested the first type of Tempcontrol® dinner plates in October 2016. The idea to use dinner plates that remain warm or cold for 30 minutes and even longer, immediately intrigued me. The first typ...

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"This means huge progress"

Lionel Rigolet ,
Comme Chez Soi (Brussels Belgium – 2 Michelin Stars)

I had the opportunity to run comparative tests between classic dinner plates and Tempcontrol® dinner plates. After performing several tests, I concluded that the latter ones remained warm much long...

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