Everyone has already experienced this

Everyone has already experienced this and is a message to all restaurants/hotels in the world: 

Quote: “Your favorite dish is on the menu and you can see a waiter approaching with your longed-for plate. You tuck in but… the veal escalope is barley lukewarm and the creamed potatoes taste as if they might have, perhaps yesterday, seen a hot pan” You know this feeling as a restaurant visitor!

Proud of this very nice article in the magazine Binspired. In collaboration with Brussels Airlines.
Check link page 111:

Restaurants that uses Sanodegusto Serveware and dinnerware with Tempcontrol technology are permanently relieved of this problem while serving food. As well as an ode to the chef's culinary creation, don’t forget this aspect. But also the perfect fit for hobby cook and food junkies out there!

Sanodegusto, the only solution on the food service market for serving warm or cold food at the right temperature. 

Posted on: 18.04.2019

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