Wout Bru

"It ensures your dishes will still be at the perfect temperature!"

I tested the first type of Tempcontrol® dinner plates in October 2016. The idea to use dinner plates that remain warm or cold for 30 minutes and even longer, immediately intrigued me. The first type of Tempcontrol® dinner plate was relatively heavy, but this problem has already been solved.

The warm application is especially interesting as it ensures your dishes will still be at the perfect temperature when served at your customer’s table, even when you are cooking for large groups.

Of course, the cold application should not be underestimated as cold dishes such as foie gras and carpaccio heat up quickly during summer. Tempcontrol® dinner plates offer an excellent solution for that.

Posted on: 19.10.2017

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Lionel Rigolet

"This means huge progress"

I had the opportunity to run comparative tests between classic dinner plates and Tempcontrol® dinner plates. After performing several tests, I concluded that the latter ones remained warm much longer than classic ones. This means huge progress, especially when serving a large amount of people. 

Posted on: 11.10.2017

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