Keep cold food fresh and ice cream frozen

More time to serve, eat, enjoy

Sanodegusto literally embraces two subjects, namely “health” and “taste”.
Health because of the integrated Tempcontrol® technology which ensures your food will always be served
at the perfect temperature. Taste because food served at the ideal temperature always tastes best.

Customer reviews

I gave these dinner plates to my grandmother for her birthday and she is just delighted with both the look and the use. Super practical for tapas because they stay fresh much longer so that everyone can enjoy them.
— Louise
I ordered a Modulo serving plate in white marble and I've used it as a cheese board. Everybody at the table loved it!
In addition, it keeps the cheeses fresh so there's no need to rush.
— Gauthier
We love our new dinner plates!
We ordered the Olive dinner plate set and really love the color. Very nice design and easy to clean too.
— Sandra

Easy to use

Place your serveware in the freezer and it will keep your food at the perfect temperature