The brand name literally embraces two subjects, namely “health” and “taste”. Health because of the integrated Tempcontrol® technology which ensures your food will always be served at the perfect temperature. Taste because food served at the ideal temperature always tastes best.

By connecting design porcelain tableware and top-notch technology, Sanodegusto creates something unprecedented and will become a major milestone in the world of hospitality.


Sanodegusto and Tempcontrol® are designed and developed by Promeco, the worldwide expert in retail and distribution, located in Belgium. With over 20 years of experience in the industry.


Promeco already successfully launched well over 3.000 different products for retailers and distributors alike at home and further afield. Its customer base is far-reaching, and thanks to its accomplishments, it has fostered close and loyal partnerships with individuals and companies around the world.

Innovative designs

With many innovative designs and products to its name, Promeco has designed a number of exclusive items in various areas. These include textiles, decorations, tableware and cookware, which have been marketed under a number of licensed brands such as Lee Cooper, Cacharel, Christian Lacroix and Cyril Lignac.


Being world leader in tableware with controlled temperature technology by bringing a revolutionary experience in consumption of food and beverage.


Sanodegusto enables anyone to have the pleasure of eating food at the perfect temperature. Therefore we develop innovative table and kitchenware for both the professional and consumer market.


Sanodegusto is not just tableware:

It stays longer warm or cold than any other tableware

It offers more time to plate, serve and eat

It preserves all flavours and vitamins

It comes with stylish and distinctive design

So much more...